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1. Highlights of the World e-Book Library:

There are more than 60,000,000 rare academic, research and unique downloadable e-books published from the year 1,000 to date covering among others; anthropology, agriculture, sociology, economy, history, ,mathematics, chemistry, physics, astronomy, management, music, fine arts, commerce literature, languages, education, medicine, military science …

Highlights of the World e-Book Library:

  • Over 40 Million e-Books spanning 1000 years of publication dates
  • Over 5 Million Encyclopedia Articles
  • Over 5,000 Video Books
  • Over 100,000 Audio Books

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2. Agora (Access To Global Online Research In Agriculture):

The AGORA program, set up by the Food & Agriculture Organisation of the UN (FAO) together with major publishers provides access to renowned digital library collections in food, agriculture, environmental science and other related social sciences. AGORA collection consist of 918 journals to institutions in 107 countries. AGORA is created to aid students, faculties and researchers in agriculture and life sciences in the developing world.

3. Bridge: Development and Gender

A searchable database of gender and development materials from across the wild. The collection includes tools, case studies, policy papers .

4. BLDS : British Library for Development Studies at IDS – Institute of Development Studies

This is Europe’s largest research collection on economic and social change in developing countries.

5. Chemistry Central

This collection of peer-reviewed open access research and journals in chemical sciences.

6. CommsDesign

Provides access to online resources for CommsDesign engineers.

7. Electronic Journals and Magazines on the Middle East

Provides a list of journals related to the Middle East, some of which include access to full texts or abstracts of articles.

8. Electronic Journals Library

University Library of Regensburg offers the “Electronic Journals Library,” which provides access to over 10,500 journals.

9. Electronic Literature Directory

This is a database of listings that cover poetry, fiction, drama, and non fictions. The forms of writing represented include hypertexts, animated poems, multimedia works, etc.

10. Electronic Text Centre

10,000 publicly available e-books and journals including philosophy, religion, history, literature, history of science.

11. ERIC/AE Full Text Internet Library

Links to full-text books, reports, journal articles, newsletter articles and papers on the Internet that address educational measurement, evaluation and learning theory.

12. Escholarship Editions

Access to electronic editions of academic books published by scholarship editions, mainly in the humanities, religion, history, literature, arts and social sciences.

13. Find Article .com

Archive of published articles that can be searched for free. Includes access to some journals which provide free full text access. The service covers more general than academic journals but includes a few journals on management and education.

14. Highwire (Stanford University)

Highwire facilitates access to over 1.1 million full text scholarly articles on medical/biomedical topics. Most journal titles covered include back issues older than 12-24 months.


The Health InterNetwork Access to Research Initiative (HINARI) provides very low cost online access to the major journals in biomedical and related social sciences to local, not-for-profit institutions in developing countries.HINARI was launched in January 2002, with some 1500 journals from 6 major publishers: Blackwell, Elsevier Science, the Harcourt Worldwide STM Group, Wolters Kluwer International Health & Science, Springer Verlag and John Wiley, following the principles in a Statement of Intent signed in July 2001. Twenty-two additional publishers joined in May 2002, bringing the total number of journals to over 2000. Since that time, the numbers of participating publishers and of journals and other full-text resources has grown continuously. Today more than 70 publishers are offering their content in HINARI and others will soon be joining the programme. An evaluation is in progress which will determine the long term future of HINARI.


http://www.jstor.org/ Is a digital library of more than 1,500 academic journals, books, and primary sources. JSTOR helps people discover, use, and build upon a wide range of content through a powerful rsearch and teaching platform, and preserves this content for future generations. JSTOR is part of ITHAKA, a non-for-profit organization that also includes Ithaka S+R and Portico .
  • Help scholars, researchers, and students discover, use, and build upon a wide range of scholarly content on a dynamic platform that increases productivity and facilitates new forms of scholarship.
  • Help libraries connect patrons to vital content while increasing shelf-space savings and lowering costs.
  • help publishers reach new audiences and preserve their scholarly content for future generations.

17. Knowledge Resource Corner (KRC)

Welcome to ACBF’s Knowledge Resource Corner (KRC), a virtual library on capacity development. The Knowledge Resource Corner is a one stop shop digital library that offers fast, well-structured and unified interface to access free full-text copies on capacity development produced and published by ACBF, its networks and partners. KRC’s collections comprise books, occasional papers, working papers, reports, development memoirs, lesson notes, conference papers etc. Other online reference sources accessible via the Knowledge Resource Corner include several databases, gateways, portals, e-journals, e-books and e-news. The KRC contains only the final, peer-reviewed versions of publications. The KRC is designed to meet the needs of ACBF’s research community based in Africa and beyond. Its value lies in the quality and convenience of its publications database. Each article, book, paper or report is enriched with semantic and bibliographic metadata, including topics, abstracts and keywords using a controlled vocabulary. Users save time with use of the search facility that narrow searches across and within ACBF publications and return highly relevant results across all content types. In addition, the KRC offers a number of other useful research tools and features including browse by subject, title author, content type, publisher and other metadata. The KRC is unique and offers several advantages:
  • It is free
  • It is not limited by physical boundaries
  • It is accessible around the clock
  • It provides multiple accesses
  • Information is retrieved instantly
  • It preserves and conserve institutional knowledge
  • No challenges of physical space
  • The publications cannot be easily destroyed
  • The publications are downloadable and printable
KRC resources are copyright protected and users are encouraged to attribute the work in the manner specified by the copyright holder.


This is a digital library where you can derive maximum benefit from available resources which includes electronic books, journals, films, videos and maps. It contains highest and latest publications in various fields to facilitate teaching, research and learning.

19. National Academies Press:

Provides access to thousands of entire books and reports on a wide range of topics in science, engineering, and the health sciences.


employs powerful tools for information retrieval, discovery, and management.These include content products, such as handbooks, e-books, manuals, reports and other authoritative documentsAcademic Complete (includes all other academic databases)Business & Economics
• Community & Career Colleges
• Education
• Engineering & Technology
• History & Political Science (also includes a bonus selection of historical maps)
• Humanities (includes Music, Theater, Dance, Film, Media, Communication, Art, and Architecture) Interdisciplinary & Area Studies (includes Asian, Ethnic, Native American, Gender, and Gay & Lesbian Studies)
• Language, Literature & Linguistics
• Law, International Relations & Public Policy
• Life Sciences (includes Biotechnology, Agriculture, and Environmental Studies)
• Medicine
• Nursing & Allied Health
• Physical Sciences
• Psychology & Social Work
• Religion, Philosophy & Classics
• Sociology & Anthropology
• Other Databases
• Canadian Electronic Library
• D&B International Business Reports™
• Datamonitor Industry Reports™
• Online Sheet Music
• Public Library Complete
• SME (Society of Manufacturing Engineers)

21. Online Access to Research in the Environment (OARE)

Provides access to one of the world’s largest collections of environmental science literature an d database search tools.


world’s largest online library of books (humanities & social sciences)The first online library that provides 24/7 access to the world’s largest online collection of books and journal articles in the humanities and social sciences, plus magazine and newspaper articles.You can search each and every word of all of the books and journal articles in the collection.You can read every title cover to cover.
• This rich, scholarly content — selected by professional collection development librarians — is not available elsewhere on the Internet.
• Undergraduate, high school, graduate students, and Internet users of all ages have found Questia to be an invaluable online resource.
• Anyone doing research or just interested in topics that touch on the humanities and social sciences will find titles of interest in Questia.
• Questia offers a range of search, note-taking, and writing tools. These tools help students locate the most relevant information on their topics quickly, quote and cite correctly, and create properly formatted footnotes and bibliographies automatically.
• Questia provides a comprehensive research environment to meet students’ academic needs.


(Legal and related Studies) Local Content

Lexis Academics

is a leading global provider of content-enabled workflow solutions to professionals in law firms, corporations, government, law enforcement, tax, accounting, academic institutions and risk and compliance assessment

24. Multi-Science Journals

Publishing Company prides itself on publishing journals that fill gaps in the scientific literature and are responses to technological developments that call new disciplines into existence. In that way, it achieves uniqueness for its journals, they are not ‘yet another’ journal on any given topic. Of course, all Multi-Sciences primary journals are fully refereed; the fact that distinguished editors and editorial boards lend their names and their time to the journal is one way of understanding the esteem in which they are held in certain quarters. As well as journals, Multi-Science publishes books in the same subject areas as its journals.

25. Social Science Online Periodicals

Database of articles from the UNESCO Social and Human Sciences Documentation Centre.

26. World Bank E-Library

World Bank eLibrary is the World Bank’s subscription-based collection of nearly 6,000 books, reports, journals, and working papers including:Development Outreach, World Bank Economic Review and World Bank Research Observer journal articles published since 1996Development Economics (DEC) policy research working papers published since 1995• e-books and reports dating as far as the 1970’s (in the case of the World Development Reports), plus • all new formal publications upon release.

27. Armed Conflict Database

Conflict Database, a frequently updated source of information on armed conflicts worldwide. You can generate reports and download data as well as browse through the yearly analyses and fact sheets online.

28. USAID Development Partner Resources

A searchable database listing USAID programme and technical documents, with many available to download.

29. World Bank Documents

Collection of World Bank reports, documents and working papers.

30. World Development Reports

This is an invaluable guide to the economic, social and environmental state of the world produced by the World Bank.

31. Repository

Contains archival materials such as Nigerian newspapers, magazines, Nasarawa state Government publications, regulations, Laws, gazzettes, Geographic Information data base on education, health, agriculture, digital land administration, appointments, events, minerals etc

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