An excellent idea at the right time, was what re­searchers, students and literate computers engineers said when the contract for the construction of the 5 e-Libraries was awarded.

Nasarawa state in a rapid move to develop the education­al sector today has a Federal University, a State Polytechnic and College of Agriculture, a School of Nursing all in the state capital, Lafia. Other institutions are the College of Education and a private polytechnic in Akwan­ga. There is also the state owned university and another school of health technology in Keffi. Are the existence of all these insti­tutions to the detriment of the upgrading of other sectors and agencies both national and in­ternational all situated in the state? That is a question for an­other day.

But so far, in its 19 years of existence as a state, the e-library initiative by the current admin­istration of Gov. Tanko Al-Makura is a visionary move..

Of course, it is not that there are no libraries in the state be­fore now. There were, but they were under-stocked and in de­plorable state, thus necessitat­ing the introduction of an elec­tronically fitted library to meet the best option in this era of globalization.

The concept took no time for its actualization which started in the same period the initia­tor, governor Al-Makura was seeking for a second term in office. Despite the pressure of electioneering campaign, he re­mained committed to ensur­ing that education in Nasarawa state is given the maximum pri­ority.  He awarded the contract and puts its supervision under Hon. Dr Salisu Raj. It was a job well done, one would say, as it is completed so that indigenes of the state will avail themselves of its benefits ahead of its com­missioning.

But as beautifully designed and structured as the multi­million naira e-library is, none of the facility has being com­missioned.

The Authority reports that from Lafia zone up to Akwanga and Keffi, the project even af­ter completion is rather turning into a shadowy building seek­ing to be inhabited as there is no sign of any electronic device to activate the systems.

This problem is compelling intending library users and re­searchers within the state to seek solution elsewhere for ma­terials that can be found within the state if the e-library were to have been commission.

The e-library, when commis­sioned and made functional could also increase the revenue base of the state and transform its economics.

Despite the challenges indi­cated, Nasarawa state under the administration of His Ex­cellency, Governor Al-Makura has achieved a great degree of excellence in the education sec­tor, when it declared a state of emergency on education. The opportunity the governor uti­lizes very well by renovating and upgrading of the some gov­ernment owned secondary and tertiary institution in the state.

None the less, common sense dictates that the total comple­tion and installing of the acces­sories inside the e-library will offer a holistic solution to aca­demic issues.


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